Dubb Indian Ethnic Restaurant

Kasım 22nd, 2016 | by info_4a413ia1
Dubb Indian Ethnic Restaurant

When Dubb Ethnic was put into service, it took serving Asian and Turkish Cuisine’s regional tastes besides putting in its cuisine Dubb Indian’s Indian Cuisine tradition, prestige, care and competent as a mission. Indian, Asian and Turkish cuisines which are ones of the largest cuisines in the world are also ones of the most difficult cuisines in the world. Our desire to adaptation and improve the reputable and qualified Indian cuisine service which we have at Dubb Indian has become reality by Dubb Ethnic in a concept which is proper to its name “Ethinc”. It is very important to prepare the regional and specific meals in our menu at the most delicious and in accordance with its original.

Ethnic has been serving in Sultanahmet which is the heart of tourism and accommodation area of Istanbul. It makes easy transportation for our guests, It has been the giving a boutique service with its 110 people capacity. Ethnic’s decoration and atmosphere has composed the best norms of Indian, Asian and Turkish cultures and has made Ethnic is the only one of its kind. On restoration of our restaurant which is almost a hundred years old, has Ottoman period architectural, a garden and 3 floors we were loyal to its original. This historical building has provided to put together Indian, Asian and Turkish motifs harmonizingly.

Despite of the fact that Ethnic has been in serve just since 2009, its cuisine composed of Indian, Asian and Turkish cuisines which are ones of the largest and original in the world has provided an important place in the catering sector. Our catering services contain local or international and touristic or business organizations. When considered from this point of view Ethnic also has become a representative of a boutique understanding in the catering sector. We provide place freedom our guests where they would like to have their meals in Istanbul cooperating different restaurants in Taksim and the other areas.

While our catering capacity has been reaching up to 1000 people, we have made no concessions on our a la carte feature and our quality which make our guests feel at home no mattering where they are.


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