Places of Interest

Kasım 22nd, 2016 | by info_4a413ia1

Ihlara Valley: The Melendiz River, at Ihlara Valley, has eroded the banks into an impressive canyon. Byzantine rock chapels covered with frescoes pierce the canyon walls.

Goreme National Park: The extraordinary landscape was formed millions of years ago, the combined work of lava spitting vulcanoes, wind and water. Besides the natural phenomenon, there is culture too: The inhabitants of the area hewn rooms, chapels, even whole villages out of the rocks. Religious Byzantine paintings can be found on the walls of the churches and monasteries. (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985)

Underground Cities: Public areas, houses, schools, churches, ventilation and defense systems are hewn into the rock through centuries.

Mount Erciyes and Kayseri: This imposing mountain and former volcano is now a resort area used for skiing and other winter sports. At its slopes one hour from Cenral Cappadocia Kayseri attracts the visitors with its Seljuk monuments from the 13th century.

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